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Do Your Kids Ask Over and Over Again to Use the Device?

You don’t have to be the perfect parent. Chore boards and charts…not necessary. Your kids aren’t looking for a gold star. They simply want to watch their favorite show or play a game on their tablet.

The more they whine and carry on, the more likely you are to give in. What if there was an alternative?

Do your kid ask and ask and ask to use the device?

Leveraging our assets

What if there was an App that allows you get something out of the device again?

What if there was an app that could serve both of your interests?

The garbage goes out, the dishes go in the dishwasher and the kids are playing outside.

With Saturday Morning, the device is always available but they have to work for it.

You want it? The app says you need to take out the garbage, the app says you have to go play outside. 

Hmm… this just might work


Built-In Analytics


How Will parent add Activities for their kids

It simple , just select the child for who you want to schedule activity . And post that go to their dashboard and click on add activities . You can select any activities from our library or choose to create your own. After selecting just schduke the date and time you want the kid t work on.

How do we ensure that kids are doing the assigned task.

You will have all the informaton in your kid activity timeline . Just select the kid from home screen and visit their timeline. If the kid has not started the activity , it will show the status as pending . Once started you wil get a notiifcation and the status will change to inprogress. As soon as kid completes the activity , you will get a notification once again and status will change to completed.

How to review kids Work ?

once kids completed their activity , you will be notified . And you can review their activity from pending from approval screen . Once approved kid will be awarded with the screen time for completing the activity.

How do i upgrade ?

To become a premium user just tap on upgrade button from any screen and select your plan type . Make your purchase and Enjoy the premium user features.